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Free Criminal Legal Research on Some Web Sites

Below are a list of web sites which offer free motions and briefs and
often ideas and strategies and defense theories:

D,C. Federal Defender

Texas Federal Defender

Washington/Idaho Federal Defender (
This excellent defender site includes a motion bank; you'll have to call to get a password.)

capital defense site ( for a whole raft of over 90 downloadable motions, many that can be customized and used in non-capital cases.

Texas Defender site also has a number of free downloadable motions, as does the

Colorado Public Defender.

US Defenders library:

Florida Public Defender has a number of capital defense motions downloadable in Word.

This public defender Ohio Defender site has some motions re mental retardation in death penalty cases. See Atkins v. Virginia, 536 U.S. 304 (2002). With regard to expert testimony, to see how one might raise a Daubert issue, take a look at these motions to exclude DNA evidence (1), (2) and handwriting, hair, and fiber analysis (1). - great theories on defending unwinnable manufacturing cases......also free expert advise available.

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