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Description of Typical Misdemeanor Case in City Courts: Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Owasso, Jenks, Sand Springs, Glenpool, Bixby

Each case is different and a defendant should always consult an attorney for the correct legal advise. The initial appearance is usually the "arraingment" which is another word for "scheduling." The court will inform the defendant of the charges and enter a not guilty plea and schedule another court date for a conference and inform the defendant of their right to an attorney.

A smart defendant would be wise to consult and retain an attorney. If the defendant enters a plea of guilty to a DUI or a drug charge, the defendant may receive a conviction which results in a suspension of their driving privileges and may result in the suspension of student aid to attend college and other consequences including lost job opportunities and increased insurance costs. However, if the defendant obtains a lawyer, it may be possible to attempt to work out a plea bargain for a lesser offense or a "deferred" sentence which results in a dismissal and expungement with no conviction.

Other options include filing a motion to quash the arrest or to suppress evidence or a motion to dismiss. The defendant should sit down with a lawyer and discuss all of their options which include also the possiblity of a trial or a plea bargain. Each case is different so the defendant should find an experienced lawyer and schedule an appointment to discuss the case.

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