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Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney - Tulsa Therapuetic Courts

Tulsa's Therapuetic Courts - Alternatives: Tulsa Drug Court, Tulsa DUI Court, Tulsa Mental Health Court, Tulsa Veterans Court, Tulsa Accelerated Accountability Procedure - Community Sentencing
by Glen R. Graham, Attorney at Law Telephone: (918) 583-4621 or (918) 260-8184 1612 S. Cincinnati Ave., Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa has formed several therapuetic court's as alternatives to the traditional court system to provide an alternative means of handling various criminal cases. Any person who may qualify for one of the alternative courts should discuss this issue with a lawyer of their choice to determine if it is in their best interest to apply for that alternative court. Applications to apply for some of the Tulsa therapuetic courts, Tulsa Drug Court, Tulsa DUI Court, Tulsa Mental Health Court are available on my web site at However, you should discuss this option with your lawyer prior to applying for any of these alternative courts. Information which you are required to disclose might be incriminating or harmful unless you qualify and you will want to discuss all of your options with a lawyer prior to making any final decisions.
I have written several helpful blogs about this information and if you do a search on google or yahoo, you can find more in depth information, or you can call me at (918) 583-4621 to schedule an appointment to discuss this matter further.
Glen R. Graham
Attorney at Law