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Tulsa's Best Criminal Defense Attorney or Best Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney

It is my opinion that the Best Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney's are members of the Tulsa Criminal Defense Lawyer's Association and the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyer's Association and actively participate in both organizations. Therefore, I, Glen R. Graham, Attorney at Law, Tulsa, Oklahoma, with over 20 years of legal experience, actively participate in both organizations and support both. My web page:
Also, the best Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney's maintain valuable Tulsa criminal defense information blogs such as:

I am sometimes surprised at how many attorney's simply don't get involved or don't maintain their active involvment or don't even have a web site or a blog. While many attorneys claim to be past or current members, there are some that fail to maintain active participation or maintain web sites or helpful legal blogs which the Best Criminal Defense Attorney's should have !!!

Maybe the attorney is just too busy because they have too much business. Maybe the attorney thinks it is over-valued or that maintaining active participation does not get them a sufficient return on their investment of time and money. Anyone can always have an excuse to not give involved in any group organizations. However, as most people realize, membership has it advantages!

Social networking enables a person to use the knowledge and experiences of another person without having to re-invent something that has already been invented. You can stand on the shoulders of your brothers and sisters in the legal profession and use their common and collective individual experience and knowledge to uplift and improve your ability to win cases.

It seems like "common" sense.

By Glen R. Graham, Attorney at Law, Tulsa, Oklahoma My email: