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A Description of My Law Practice by Mr Glen R. Graham, Attorney at Law, Tulsa, Oklahoma

1612 S. Cincinnati Ave
Tulsa, OK 74119
*Motions to Reduce Bond (918) 583-4621 *Visa & Some Credit Cards
Payment Plan Available * Experienced Criminal Defense * Over 19 Years

I accept CASH, VISA, or Payment Plan. I limit my practice at this time to OKLAHOMA. I have practiced law for over 19 years and I have handled thousands of MISDEMEANOR-FELONY cases, considerably more than some of my competitors. If you are charged with a criminal offense, you should hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible in order to protect your legal rights. I have the experience and knowledge to handle your case with the least amount of inconvenience. I can answer your questions and concerns about what to expect when you go to court. Freedom is one of the most precious things in the world; you would be acting foolish to appear in front of a Judge without adequate representation. I can help you deal with this problem. Call me now at 583-4621. - Glen R. Graham, Attorney at Law

You would be foolish to appear in front of a Judge without lawyer. In a bind, I can meet you in court on your court date if you are able to hire me.

My fee on any felony or misdemeanor is based upon the amount of work and other factors. Beware of low fee quotes that promise unrealistic results. Quality work costs money, low quality work is cheap. An adequate fee to devote the necessary amount of time and energy necessary to win a case or to get a good deal requires adequate payment. Also, if you don’t care about whether the lawyer spends sufficient time or energy on your case necessary to get a good deal or to win, then you might be satisfied with a low fee quote. Payment plan, cash or Visa.

You need straight and realistic answers from a lawyer and not "scare tactics" or outlandish promises. You don’t need unrealistic exaggerations, sales puffing or self-glorification or three page letters with excessive promises and letters written in excessively large type almost shouting at you. You should always ask the lawyer how many years they have been in practice and a letter that fails to state it is questionable. Each case is different and requires a thorough examination of the individual facts for any legal defenses.

You may want to employ me to file to obtain a bond reduction or to file a motion to suppress evidence or to quash your arrest. Any criminal case is a serious matter as it carries the potential of being sentenced to jail and freedom is one of the most precious things in the world. YOU NEED A LAWYER YOU CAN TRUST TO GET THE JOB DONE RIGHT. Please call me to schedule an appointment to discuss your options. My telephone number is (918) 583-4621

If you find anything in this communication to be inaccurate or misleading, you may report the same by writing to the General Counsel of the Oklahoma Bar Association, P.O. Box 53036, Oklahoma City, OK 73152 or by calling 1-800-522-8065.

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