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Well, What are You Going to Do for Me? Work, Work, Work!!!

What are You Going to Do For Me? Work, Work, Work!!!
by Glen R. Graham, Oklahoma Criminal Defense Attorney, Email:

Most client's charged with a serious crime want to know what the lawyer is going to do for them. The answer usually boils down to the philosophy of work, work, work. The first step is conducting your own independent investigation of the facts. Maybe, visiting the actual scene of the crime. Consider taking photographs of the scene and looking for evidence. Maybe even take the client back to the scene an re-live the incident --- maybe do some psycho-drama. It can provide real power in testifying when the client re-lives the incident and discusses all the emotions. It can increase the authenticity of the client when testifying in court. I will talk to the witnesses. Especially, I will talk to the client to gather up all the facts in the matter. That's why is can be very frustrating when the client wants to know what you are going to do for me? Well, most importantly, the client must come to the office and discuss the case. You might be surprised how many client's seem to not have the time to come to my office to discuss their case. How can I adequately prepare for the case when the client won't even come to my office? Are they afraid of me? Are they avoiding me because they don't have that payment for me that they promised me some time back? Sometimes, it makes me wonder? It is absolutely necessary to conduct an in depth interview of the client to find out all facts, issues, and all evidence and witnesses in the case.

One thing I will do, I will try to out-work the prosecutor. The prosecutor has multiple cases that he is handling all at the same time. The prosecutor is a professional juggler, handling many cases, hoping none of them fall. My practice is limited to just a few cases by comparison and I can spend more time on the case which should produce a better out-come.

I am going to devise a defense strategy and work on the theme of the case. I am going to research the law and study the statutes and cases dealing with all the issues in the case. I am going to study the facts and the law. One trick I have learned over the years, (21 years) is to look at the jury instructions to see what defenses might be available and to look at the jury instructions regarding the legal issues that will be presented to the jury. However, the jury is also the judge of the facts and therefore I must gather up all relevant facts which will assist me in advocating my client's side of the case to the jury.

I am going to file motions in the case. I am going to file a request and motion for discovery and obtain copies of all the law enforcement reports in this case and any exculpatory evidence. I am going to look for issues around the arrest and the search and seizure. I will file motions to suppress or motions to quash the arrest and/or motions to quash the information and/or motions to dismiss and/or other motions which will assist us in pursuing a defense in the matter.

I am going to prepare for a trial in the case.

I am going to advise my client how to behave, how to dress for court, and what to expect.

I am going to be over-prepared for court. I am going to out-work the prosecutor.

I am going to work, work, work.

Yours in the Defense of Fellow Human Beings,

Glen R. Graham, Attorney for the Accused, Tulsa, Oklahoma

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